The Joys Of Untrustworthy Staff And Clients

It is really funny I had a client recently who was paranoid about attacks on their websites and social media accounts. They went behind my back and hired my Philippino VA who I had updating their posts .To save a few $$$s lol. I personally would have been terrified to have her manage any of my personal social media accounts. As she couldn’t seem to listen and thinks social media is a game or a night out at the pub. But for a few travel posts it seemed to work okay at the time.

The funny thing is my VA wanted more work, but like I said I wouldn’t mess up years of hard work by letting a reckless person run my personal social accounts. It is great how the universe shows you the way. Imagine doing business with people who do things behind your back. They both did me a great favour.. I surely will not be calling on her again lol..

Karma is a bitch I am sure they will both enjoy it together. Moral of the story work with people you can trust ditch the users. And leave them to enjoy their own Karma together ..

And next time someone targets your websites or social media accounts suck on some of that Karma.. I don’t need to do that, as I am free from your bad karma.. 🙂