Internet Marketing Advice: To Heed Or Not To Heed?

Internet marketing advice seems the web is replete with it.

People are clamoring over one another to be seen and heard first with the latest and greatest technique or tool.

Not only that you have people trying to convince you they are the guru and don’t have the proof or knowledge to back it up.

You have attraction marketing systems telling their students to set themselves up as the expert. That even though you have only been in this one day that’s one more day than the next guy.

Now is that good advice?

It would seem that internet marketing advice can be found just about anywhere so what do you do?

Another example I was on a forum the other day and was looking through some threads to comment on.

I came across a “newbie needs help” and I thought I would respond this is a great way to share your knowledge and help others a little further down the rung than you.

So what kind of advice was he seeking? He had put together some training modules but didn’t know how to market them??

Isn’t that a bit like putting the cart before the horse? I am not trying to be condescending but what exactly will you train me to do if not market?

Yes there are technical skills that are not market related but the end of these skills to is to help the marketing effort.

So where do you turn for internet marketing advice that really works?

Well I guess you have to determine what kind of internet marketing advice you need.

How to create a website?

How to set up an autoresponder?

How to generate traffic?

How to do keyword research?

Or what are some other topics you could use internet marketing advice on?

Now what if I told you there is a place you can learn all these skills and a whole lot more in one place.

Not only that but this service offers free hosting and a free link cloaking software that tracks clicks your on links.

Not only that but it also offers you a free eBook that will show you how to create your first website absolutely free.

So all you have to do is click on the link below and come to a place you can get internet marketing advice that really works.

Steve Shoemaker is an internet marketer tired of listening to people selling b.s. why don’t we try to help people first and that will help us in the long run.

So want to get internet marketing advice that works you really should click that link. Or click here for more selections.

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Internet Marketing Plan By James Schramko In this video David Jenyns interviews James Schramko about his internet marketing plan. James first talks about distribution channels and how he monitors them. He also expounds on his default online marketing plan which invloves content publication on his blog, submitting to directories, commenting in blog networks, purchasing links, forum commenting and press releases. Want to create your own internet marketing plan. Listen to how the gurus made theirs at

WEST 2.0 Internet Marketing Training Course

Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Training Course I would like to introduce you to an amazing new web 2.0 Internet Marketing Training Course. it is the world renound ,Bob Yeager’s WEST program. WEST stands for World Entrepreneur Success Training Program. The WEST program has been around now for almost 3 years and in this time it has made many of its students in to very successful strategic interner entrepreneurs. WEST 2.0 has just been re-launched and it is packed with amazing material. An Internet Marketing Training Course that starts with the basics WEST 2.0 is an internet marketing training course that starts with the basics. The foundations of success in any business lie in the mindset of the budding entrepreneur. WEST 2.0 has successfully combined the psychology of success in business and life, otherwise called personal development, with the techniques and knowledge of internet strategies to form a perfect mix to ensure success in your online misson. The World Entrepreneur’s Success Training Program 2.0 This is what makes the WEST Program so unique on your quest to learn internet marketing. Bob yeager and his team have mastered this technique and i must say it is an honor and privelage to be part of this internet marketing system. It is the ideal soloution for any individual who is serious about their internet marketing business. Some features Of the WEST Internet Marketing Training Course Some main features of the WEST Internet Marketing Training Course is that there is an abundance of information inall aspects of internet marketing within the member area of the membership site. The course starts with the very basics. You do not have to have any experience with internet marketing to get started. Two essential elements are first a computer or access to one and the second is the will to put the time and effort in to going through the program and getting to grips with the different lessons within the modules. You are sure to succeed online with this WEST internet marketing training course if you have the will to do so. It covers all ares of internet marketing from, email marketing, social media, seo training courses, video marketing and much, much more. Acquiring the WEST program is a passport to success online. Years of experience from many contributors who have mastered different angles of Internet Marketing have come together within WEST 2.0 to make your education and knowledge of the internet as straight forward as could be possible. WEST is so different to many other so called Internet Marketing Training Course available out there.

There are numerous ways to make an income online. In the WEST 2.0 internet marketing training course you are introduced to many. Internet strategies and success in making money online will be short lived unless your psychology for business is right as you will discover very quickly as you begin you WEST success apprenticship Internet Marketing Training Course

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Beginner Blog Marketing

Beginner Blog Marketing

This article offers unique insight into the world’s most powerful marketing medium: Internet Marketing.

This article is an easy, short read that Kindle users will find very rewarding and worth the price of the article many times over.


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WorldHotels, the Americas Appoints News Director of Business Development for the Northeast Region of the U.S.

WorldHotels, the Americas Appoints News Director of Business Development for the Northeast Region of the U.S.

(PRWEB) October 16, 2005

WorldHotels, a leader in the global independent hotel sales, marketing and distribution industry, today announced that Parley Stock has been appointed director of business development for the Northeast region of the U.S. In his new role, Stock is responsible for seeking and securing new member hotels for the Comfort, First Class and Deluxe Collections of the WorldHotels, the Americas organization. Stock reports directly to Tom Griffiths, vice president of WorldHotels, the Americas.

“Parley will be successful in hotel development because of his extensive background in many other aspects of the hotels industry, including reservations and distribution services, customer service and training, operations and member services, sales and marketing and hotel-level revenue and production analysis,” said Griffiths. “We are impressed with Parley’s strong skills and experience, and expect great things from him in the future,” added Griffiths.

Stock has worked in the hotel industry for more than 14 years. Throughout his career, he has held several management-level positions with world-renowned companies, including Warwick International Hotels, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Doubletree Hotels and Anasazi/RezSolutions.

Most recently, Stock served as a strategic account manager for Pegasus Solutions, Inc., in which he was responsible for overseeing commercial relationships with Northeast regional supply accounts; increasing revenue performance and customers-renewal rates; and providing appropriate products and services to meet customers’ business needs.

Prior to his work at Pegasus, Stock was director of distribution at Warwick International Hotels. In this position, he educated member hotels on Internet/GDS distribution opportunities; conducted audits of hotels’ rate, availability and description information; managed marketing partner relationships; and oversaw the company’s global consortia contracting process.

About WorldHotels:

WorldHotels is one of the world’s leading hotel sales, marketing and distribution organizations. This progressive and steadily expanding corporation represents nearly 500 member properties in 70 countries spanning all continents. Unique in its approach, WORLDHOTELS meets the requirements of business travelers and vacationers alike by providing hotels in three distinct categories: “The Deluxe Collection,” hotels of refined elegance and luxurious comfort; “The First Class Collection,” hotels of casual elegance, superior class and high quality; and “The Comfort Collection,” hotels characterized by a casual ambiance, intimate atmosphere and moderate price.

For more information or to make reservations, visit online at or call toll free at 1-800-223-5652 in the U.S. and Canada.


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Internet Marketing with Social Media in Nottingham for B2B and B2C Online Business Strategies Use of Twitter recently helped to coordinate the people’s revolution in Egypt. Lloydie explains why Twitter such a powerful medium can be used to build your tribe, increase your sales and grow your business. About SMMTV Hi, we’re Lloydie and Tim and we’re your internet and social media marketers in Nottingham. We specialise in highly focussed and specifically targeted internet marketing strategies for your business online. Check out our weekly tips for marketing with social media. We noticed that many online businesses were failing to respond to the explosion in the use of smart phone technology, mobile devices and the huge increase in social media network traffic, prompting us to launch the most up to date internet marketing company in Nottingham.
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Internet Video Marketing Showcases Your Business

Internet video marketing is a relatively new way to get your business, product, or service noticed on the internet. Customers and search engines both like internet videos because they are simple and effective.

If you want to showcase your business on the internet using a new way of marketing like Youtube marketing and internet video marketing, you could be in for a surprise at just how hard it can be to get started.

First off, if you don’t have the technical skills or know how to plan, produce, optimize and mass distribute your videos, you have a lot of figuring out to do. There are many things that go into correctly using internet video marketing to drive targeted traffic to your website. You can’t just simply upload a video and expect people to find it. There is a method to producing a captivating and informative video that will showcase your business in a professional manner and ultimately get your customers to take action.

Youtube marketing and internet video marketing has recently saw a surge in popularity over the last few years. This is because your video can be like a web commercial showcasing your business. You can be as creative as you want. The cost to produce and execute this type of marketing strategy is far less than the traditional form of marketing that would have you buying cable tv advertisements or newspaper ads. It’s common sense that more and more people are turning to the internet and search engines like Google and Yahoo to find products and services that they need. Will they find your company on the first page of Google? Not if you aren’t implementing an effective internet video marketing strategy.

If done correctly Youtube marketing and internet video marketing can drive a massive amount of targeted traffic to your website. What better person to have at your website than a person that is ready to take action? This can help you grow your business and this type of marketing strategy can have you one step ahead of your competition. Your business will look more professional too.

There are many steps that need to be completed to effectively create a Youtube marketing campaign. Once complete, you will have your video or videos all over the internet showcasing your business for life. That’s the best part. Once your video is online, it is there to stay driving you traffic on a continual basis. What other forms of marketing can do that? Getting your business or product online is almost becoming a necessity in order to stay ahead of your competition. Correctly utilizing video to showcase your business can have a very positive effect on how your customers view your business. Looking professional will give you an edge over your competition.

If you have never heard of Youtube marketing or internet video marketing, you are in for a surprise because it is here to stay. Stay ahead of your competition and grow your business with this new cutting edge marketing strategy.

For a top internet video marketing service visit this Youtube marketing site to outsource all your Internet video marketing needs. They help you dominate the search engines for your keywords.

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WorldProNews.Com – New “All WorldWide Daily News at One Place” Website

WorldProNews.Com – New “All WorldWide Daily News at One Place” Website

New Hyde Park, NY (PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Daily News, Politics, Business, Technology, Innovations, Inventions, Entertainment, Sport, Health and many more recent happenings of the world from top notch news agents are represented en masse at a single website.

The new website is that happening internet address for all the latest news from all over the world that originate from reputed news agencies worldwide. News from high caliber reporting agencies like CNN, MSNBC, BBC World News, Financial Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Reuters and many more are featured in this world news website.

Looking for the latest news reports from best news agencies? This is the apt one-stop-shop that gives access to a bundle of happening news and stories that are of general interest. A wide range of categories that encompass different aspects of life are found under a single roof at

These categories include politics, business, health, internet, celebrities, lifestyle, science, technology, inventions, travel, art and crafts, design, movies, music, games, books, stock market, Forex trading, gadgets, sports, horoscopes and country specific news as well.

Professionally placed categories in the subtly designed website helps the viewers to have ease in navigation and search for their particular news of interest. delivers the latest headlines and stories that are otherwise scattered in a plethora of news websites on the internet. This site is essentially devised for those who have tight time schedules and who need an all-in-one hub for news worldwide.

About makes it possible to gain quick access to all top stories that are constantly updated from top news agencies from around the world all at one place.


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